Tools For The Home Video

Well, you can also turn a video with a simple camera, just capture the scene, save in the PC and finished. If your videos do not look like an amateur, you need to know a few digital tools:

1. Video post-processing software

If you want to add tracks, background music, sounds, delete or move scenes afterward, you need appropriate post-processing programs. There are two classes of editing software, those for beginners and those for professionals. The difference lies in the very limited functions.
Using the right tool, you can insert effects, add animated text, lighten or dim individual scenes, even mitigate unintended camera movements. As programs, I call here Windows Movie Maker, Apple’s iMovie, and ArcSoft Inc’s ShowBiz DVD.

2. DVD Authoring Software

If you want to convert your videos to the usual DVD format, you need this conversion tool.
DVD authoring software is a digital video tool, made to convert your camera output without any further detours into a DVD format. This allows older digital camcorders to remain in use. Modern camcorders already save when recording in DVD format. You can also download videos from the Internet and convert them to a DVD format with this program. So you can use scenes from your download in their own videos. All this with a few clicks.

3. Video processing software

Sometimes you need to convert one format to another, maybe from WMV format to MPEG format. A corresponding video processing software takes over this work. Modern video processing software can even “clean up” the recordings so you have hardly any quality losses between the original and the conversion result

4. Video decoding software

This software for coding and decoding is needed for the compression of your video formats. This small tool is often just a plugin for your existing post-processing software. Note that you must acquire the usage rights for this tool before you apply the tool to your video.

5. Multimedia Player

As the name suggests, Multimedia Player process the most varied multimedia formats. Whether only Audia or video. Today, every PC or MAC is “home-based” with a multi-media player. All the special effects that you have inserted during the post-processing are, of course, played in the multimedia player. Also, partitioning into packets to ensure continuous playback is supported by most multimedia players.
So there is a whole host of digital video tools that you will need to create a perfect video. And you can, believe me, the professionals are using these tools for their work. So if you want to deliver results like the pros, you simply can not miss these software programs.